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summer seas

i stole a friend’s summer goal: travel to the ocean once a week. and i have, mightily. weekends spent in the sun all over the beaches of new york and new jersey. i challenge myself to remain amidst the vast atlantic until my fingers start to prune, no matter how tired or chilled i think i am. swim. totally submerged with air in my lungs and liquid in my belly. i scream, i splash, i kick, i dive: down down. i fear the cold darkness, the creatures that lurk beneath. a jelly fish got the better of me out on the north shore, but i wasn’t angry. a brief red rash. the passing waves of pain caused by the passing waves.

there are floods as i sleep in brklyn. all possessions destroyed, lives ruined until morning when i wake.

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new video drops tmrrw


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“There is nothing that we really need to

“There is nothing that we really need to do that isn’t dangerous. 8th Street artists knew this years ago, constantly spoke of risk. But what’s meant by ‘risk’? Lose something – property, life, principles? The way to lose our principles is to examine them – to give them erring.”

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endless summer never begins

endless summer never begins

Jacob Riis park, 2013.
photographers in place

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Azelia study

Azelia study

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