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“There is nothing that we really need to

“There is nothing that we really need to do that isn’t dangerous. 8th Street artists knew this years ago, constantly spoke of risk. But what’s meant by ‘risk’? Lose something – property, life, principles? The way to lose our principles is to examine them – to give them erring.”

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endless summer never begins

endless summer never begins

Jacob Riis park, 2013.
photographers in place

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Azelia study

Azelia study

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not to be nostalgic, but

i’ve been a jackass. could i possibly make it up to you by making you a mix tape consisting only of cassettes & cds i owned between 1992 & 1999? thx – r

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cooler by the (seventh sandy) mile…

road leaving Seven Mile Island. Stone Harbor, 2012

the garden state

images from the start of my road trip this past summer, as i left south jersey. from what i can surmise at present: my Jersey Shore seems in tact. others’, not so much. i think about it & remember.

b/c of Hurricane Sandy, a previous fleeting desire to spend my apocalyptic birthday thereĀ  has increased. if we are all to go that night – i’d like the (mid)Atlantic to take me.

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Invisible Landscape Number 2012

This past Saturday I was so so excited to create & exhibit a new work for Bring Your Own Beamer at the Knockdown Center in Queens. The evening was great! Music, crowds, so much darkness. Good thing I’m not afraid of the dark no more. Since I do not own a digital projector, I borrowed this old 35mm projector from a friend & executed a variation of a piece I’ve been thinking about for some time, over some years. Much in the vain of my enlarger works, I was interested in shining light through 2D objects. Couldn’t do currency as I simply can’t justify spending money cutting up banknotes, for now. The result was/is: Invisible Landscape Number 2012 (pronounced: twenty-twelve).

Hudson Valley, 2012. Ink on transparency projected.

I grew frustrated with the low-fi images so many of the slides in the reel were made by erasing said image & pushing the still-wet ink around the frame.

I used q-tips & paint brushes but found my finger tips manifested the most pleasing results.

A mix of early fall foliage, samplings from a children’s encyclopedia series, and home-made slides derived from photos from a developing series: Pictures While Driving. Viewers were welcome to sit down & control the piece themselves. The first interactive work I’ve made since my collaborations in Philadelphia. Very. Satisfying. All. Around.

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